17 April 2007

Job Description

Folks who ask you for a job description - what do you do? - come in two varieties: people who need to know for financial reasons, in which case the answer is that I support the CFO and the contracts department of a radar engineering firm; and people who want to know for social reasons, usually as small talk, in which case the answer is I work with very smart people who can take a joke. And give one in return, too.

For instance, one time I needed a list of Acronyms spelled out for a report. I sent the list to one of our senior engineers with the note "Could you please tell me what these acronyms stand for? Leta." His reply spelled out all of the acronyms along with the bonus:

Leta = Low Elevation Target Acquisition

I've been campaigning ever since that management name a project that and if it were up to them instead of the customer, they probably would.


Maureen said...

Love it! :D Can we start calling you "Low El" for short?

Lemme tell ya, after so many years working for the government, I speak fluent acronym, to the point where I've been known to make up silly expansions of acronyms, just for the heck of it.

Little Escapes Theater Audience
Let's Evaluate These Actors (for the WATCH judges)
Leta Enjoys Talking, Actually

David Gorsline said...

The best thing about Maureen's third expansion is that it's recursive, the best-known example of this being GNU = "GNU's Not Unix."

David Gorsline said...

More Letas: a hotel in Greece; the Latvian news agency.

David Gorsline said...

And (apparently because Alabamans can't spell): the Lee County Transit Agency.

Anonymous said...

>>Love it! :D Can we start calling you "Low El" for short?<<

Would that be the first Low El the angels did say?