08 August 2007

AB would be proud of me

Thanks to the Celiac Disease, I probably consume rice* in some form every day. David, having heard one of my favorite Alice quotes** a few times, asked me if I would like a rice cooker.

And without even thinking about it, I said "I dunno..... What else does it do?"

*Lundberg makes my current favorite. Yummmmmmmm.

** "How would I know how long rice takes to cook? I'm Japanese. I throw it in the rice cooker and when the button pops up, it's done."

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mary ann said...

Drew is an enormous Good Eats fan.(In two and a half years, he's cooked dinner once, but whatever. He loves AB.) You should have seen us trying to register for cooking gadgets "We need more stuff on this list. Scan something." "I'm not going to invite unitaskers into our kitchen."

I seem to recall AB using a rice cooker at some point. They also steam things.