15 August 2007

Like flammable and inflammable, only different

This morning I received the following notice from an audition list:

Actors Needed!

This Saturday (8/18), from noon to 4pm, the Carlyle House ... as well as some other historic sites and shops in Old Town are staging a re-enactment of the surrender of Alexandria to the British during the War of 1812.

If you would like to participate, please call the Carlyle House at 703-xxx-xxxx.

This kind of surprised me because if I were arranging that sort of thing, I'd use Rev War re-enactors, who are thicker on the ground in the Alexandria area than lobbyists on K Street. At least, they were when I was active in the hobby.

It's also a safer choice because re-enactors know how to handle and use muskets, bayonets, and other dangerous 18th century trappings and we come with our own clothes and props. Neither of these are true for actors (well, unless you count theater folks like me and Constantia). Plus, re-enactors can outsnarky pretty much anyone on earth when they encounter actors attempting to be re-enactors.

So it was with a certain sense of relief that I got this a few minutes ago:

I just received word from the Carlyle House staff that there has been a miscommunication regarding the talent needed for this coming Saturday.

They are looking for RE-ENACTORS--people who have experience with period re-enactments and have their own clothing.

If this sounds like you or someone you know, please contact the Carlyle House at 703-xxx-xxxx.

Sorry for the mix-up!



Maureen said...

"actor", "re-enactor" - the words were so much alike...

Carol said...

Then again, there is the ability to maintain an accent and a specific character throughout the presentation...

Liza said...

And periodically some big epic movie hires re-enactors as extras... Leo, the worlds greatest contractor, who built our kitchens and bathrooms in DC and Reston, was a reenactor who had also been such an actor.