14 August 2007

Guilty Pleasure

David Lee Roth is back with Van Halen!* Even though the 1983 Rolling Stone Record Guide called ol' Diamond Dave “the most obnoxious singer in human history, an achievement notable in the face of long tradition and heavy competition,” I still like him.** He was fun. And I really like his voice. Like Billy Idol, underneath the screaming and howling, DLR has a damn fine instrument.

And, of course, it's also fun to watch him jump around. Mind you, at 52, he may not have quite the built-for-sin bod or the make-the-women-notice physicality, but it doesn't matter. Dave's back. It's time to party.

*"Michael Anthony is being shunned for sitting at Sammy Hagar's lunch table." Schelby on 94.7

**Although I can see where this will lead to one of those "all your taste is in your mouth" exchanges that David and I like to have over music.

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