22 January 2008

How to make me blush #17

I swear that I had nothing to do with this. Of course, I'm amused as all get out over it. I've kept their formatting, although the italics are mine own.

E-mail from Rockville Little Theatre to rockvillelittletheatre@yahoo.com
Subject: Coming this weekend - TOM STOPPARD's ARCADIA (Rockville Little Theatre)

So you have the winter blahs and feel like seeing a comedy, right?

Well look no further than to your friendly neighborhood theatre who will give you nothing but a good time with the Winter Production of ARCADIA, by Tom Stoppard.

For a synopsis, keep reading....

ARCADIA is opening ... drum roll please... THIS WEEKEND!! That's right, ladies and gentlemen, January 25th - February 3rd on Fridays and Saturdays at 8, Sunday Matinees at 2 PM


Are you doing accents again? Really??*

Not to worry! Accents are limited and easy to understand.

I'd love to bring my kids!! Will they like it??

Yes. If they understand sex and physics. Otherwise, they may find it talky. It's not really an evening for the little one's like, say, Seussical would be.

I love Leta. I'd come see it if she were in it. Is she??

I'm glad you asked! She is!! Leta joins a stellar cast of new and veteran actors, directors and technicians - Rockville Little Theatre's best and, for the most part, brightest, including Director David Levin, WATCH nominated Sound Designer Robert Schaffer, and the ever so handsome Nic Ruley on Running Crew. Amazing, huh??

My tickets say "Anna in the Tropics", can I still get in??**

Of course you can! But I have to warn you, that is not the show that will be playing. We switched out. But if you think accents are a problem, could you imagine if we were doing Anna in the Tropics? Oy vey gevaldt!


Arcadia is a play that moves back and forth between 1809 and the present at the elegant estate owned by the Coverly family. The 1809 scenes reveal a household in transition. As the Arcadian landscape is being transformed into picturesque Gothic gardens, complete with a hermitage, thirteen year old Lady Thomasina and her tutor delve into intellectual and romantic issues. Present day scenes depict the Coverly descendants and two competing scholars who are researching a possible scandal at the estate in 1809 involving Lord Byron. This brilliant play moves smoothly between the centuries and explores the nature of truth and time, the difference between classical and romantic temperaments, and the disruptive influence of sex on our life orbits the attraction Newton left out. Winner of the 1995 New York Drama Critics' Circle Award for Best Play and the 1994 Olivier Award.

For More Information, please visit rlt-online.org

For Tickets and Exchanges:
240-314-8690 (F. Scott Fitzgerald Theater box office)

For Other Information:

By Mail:
Rockville Little Theatre
P.O. Box 4466
Rockville, Maryland 20849-4466

* When RLT recently did an "accent show" some of audience complained about the impenetrability of the dialogue. So we are nearly accent-free. Kinda.

**Anna in the Tropics was the show originally scheduled for the January slot. Due to circumstances, etc, and, unfortunately, after the season tickets were printed, Arcadia had to be substituted for Anna.


Maureen said...

Did they really mention you in their FAQs? My dear, you've "arrived"! :)

(But oh my goodness, would somebody please get them to find a proofreader for their copy? Heck, give me a coupla days' notice and I'll do it for them. Seriously.)

tommyspoon said...

This is definitely your week! But I would quibble over "Arcadia" being sold as a comedy to fight "the winter blahs". Isn't that why we have Neil Simon plays?