28 January 2008

You go ahead. Really.

So there we were hanging out in the dressing room before Sunday's matinee. Janet (and her young son, John Michael) made us brownies which, like all food near actors or engineers that is not instantly fatal, were going fast. Especially as these brownies were very yummy and not fatal at all.

Poor Erin didn't know about the yummy brownies until after she was starting to change her clothes and so was in no position to go scampering out to grab one. I offered to get one for her as I was completely dressed.

"But I'd feel guilty if you bring me something you can't have."

"Sweetie, don't worry about it. If you go deaf, I'm not going to stop listening to things."

And so I brought her a brownie.

Note to guys: This is another good reason to do community theater. You might find yourself bringing brownies to pretty, semi-clad, young ladies. And having them all appreciative about it. I'm just sayin'.


Anonymous said...

Your note really sums up why I do community theater. Come to think of it, that's why I was in Markland, too!


Richard II said...

Leta, you have some of the best aphorisms ever penned, or in this case, input via a web-based blog (that doesn't sound quite as fluid, does it?). I delight in your creative writings!

And I second your exhortation for more men to become involved in community theatre. Not only are more men needed to complement the astonishing abilities of the ladies of the stage, but there are side benefits such as those you cite. These include being able to engage in friendly banter with very attractive women who from time to time have been known to provide visual treats to those who just happen to be there at the right time. ;-)