10 January 2008

You only hurt the (little) ones you love

From talking to my friends and reading blogs and from a few other sources I've decided that if you haven't accidentally - and minorly* - injured your child in some way**, then you just aren't spending enough time with them.

Heck, one of my mother's cousins was lifting me out of a pool when I was about 8 and I slipped and hit my face on the concrete. Chipped a front tooth. "How can I send this child back home to her mother now? We broke her!" his wife said.

And I once failed to prevent my niece from shutting the car door on herself. Between her sobs and my "oh, honey, oh sweetie" noises she gulped out "I --- like --- you --- and ---I --- love --- you." So it's sort of a treasured memory, in a painful, cringe-inducing kind of way. Go figure.

*no pun intended. Oops.

**Carrying them and bouncing their heads off of door frames, cutting their hair and scraping them with the scissors, bathing them and getting water up their noses, stuff like that.

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