02 September 2004

Avoiding running my damn lines

I could have predicted that a blog world connected to Google would be a spiffy place to hang out. In theory, as I sit here, I'm reviewing my lines for "The Vagina Monologues" (September 17 - 20, Silver Spring Stage, yes, I go from show to show like some kind of pathetic theater geek), but - eh - not so much. I'm still at work, so I'm formatting proposal documents and forwarding them to Alabama (whence sprang my Dad, actually, so I'm pretty happy about the Alabama part) and when I'm in a holding pattern waiting for new inputs, I'm running my lines. Only I decided that having found a tres nifty blog (http://thesunkeepsrising.blogspot.com/) through the simple expedient of clicking on the "next blog" button, I should take a short break and read a post or two.

Yeah. A post or two. The problem is that Paul, who writes The Sun Keeps Rising, writes in a very "come on, keep on reading, you'll be glad you did" fashion and his posts are long, so one easily falls into a reading rhythm with his stuff. And that makes it harder to go back to droning to myself about shaving my vagina or men who like to look at my vagina or what-have-you. So I read all the recents posts.

And now, of course, my boss says that I am free to leave for the evening, so I'll be heading off to rehearsal with only half my lines run. So I guess I'm running lines in the car instead.

(And I use way too many parenthetical comments.)

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