09 June 2008

He just got my vote

Between the Electoral College (Americans are not smart enough to elect a president, so we'll do it for you) and Superdelegates (Americans didn't vote the right way, so we'll fix it), I have had less and less incentive to participate in the Potempkin Elections that we have. Yes, I know all the reasons to vote, but more and more they are overridden by the simple fact that my vote doesn't count. Never has. Never will.


If he could just keep this campaign promise, I'd write Denis Leary's name in on every ballot I got near. Forever. I still may.

Have you ever considered going into politics? (Jeroen Grouls, The Woodlands, Texas)

No. They wouldn't want me. I don't think they'd like my skinny-jeans squad. If I'm President, there are going to be government vans that drive around and pick up people who shouldn't be wearing certain clothing. Talk about lack of civil rights - I'm sorry, I'm pulling you right off the street, and we're giving you clothes that you're to be O.K. in. I don't know if hte country is ready for it yet.

10 Questions for Denis Leary, Time magazine, 9 June 08

Denis Leary for President - Freeing America from the Scourge of the Muffintop.

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