15 June 2008

NVTA 2008

Michael Toscano in his role of Friend of Community Theater (instead of his role as Critic With Whom I Sometimes Agree and Sometimes Disagree But He Reviews Community Theater in a Major Daily So All the Saints Preserve Him and Here's a Toast to His Health) ran a nice preview piece in the Washington Post about this year's NVTA One-Act festival.

In many ways, he sums up why I like NVTA*: a chance to see companies try something outside of their comfort zone; a chance to see original plays that could be fabulous**; and the whole try-a-short-one sampler because no play runs longer than an hour and most about 30 - 40 minutes.

This year my pals over at the Providence Players of Fairfax are the lead-off team and Silver Spring Stage is the closer this coming Saturday night. So, please, follow the link, read the article, and come see some plays!

And -- thank you, Mr. Toscano.

*Although he skips the part I always mention about one-act festivals being a cross section of the good, the bad, and the amusingly terrible. I am grateful for this omission as the word "terrible" sells so few theater tickets.

**Or not....

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