27 June 2008

How to amuse upper management

1. Be the very cute and intelligent 7-year-old daughter of one of our senior engineers;
2. Attend a day camp that gets out around 3:00 so that you need to come to Dad's office every day for the week that your Mom is at a conference;
3. Be charming and engaging when chatting with Dad's co-workers and gamely smile at the joke that almost everyone makes about how you're our new hire;
4. When asked by my Boss what you're doing right now, sigh, and say "Ohhhh, just waiting for 5:00."
5. Smile gamely again when told that you already sound like the other engineers.

My Boss and his Boss told this little anecdote to prett' near every other senior staffer they could find. I know that I heard it repeated at least three times in the hour after it happened. So if Matilda ever does wish to work for us, she's already got several people who'd be willing to hire her. Including me as she has commented more than once that I type very fast.

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