14 August 2008

Another good reason

Whenever I go to a restaurant that has a gluten-free menu I make sure to ask for one - even though I have probably already decided what I'm having - because it's not a bad idea to keep the staff aware that they have customers who appreciate and use those menus. It also reminds the wait staff that I'm probably not going to want crutons on my salad.

Having seen this article in the Milwaukee Business Journal, however, I now know that it will also let everyone who needs to know that I'm "in the house."

Built into a Bonefish Grill food register is a button that reads “food
allergies” that alerts the kitchen staff that they’re preparing a meal for a patron with dietary restrictions. All dishes are made from scratch, allowing chefs to eliminate or substitute individual ingredients. Kitchen and wait staff receive in-house training on food allergies.


Hjalti said...

Speaking of Gluten free, I came across this blog recently.




Leta said...

Cool! Thank you!