12 August 2008

The Olympian I am rooting for

Amy Yoder Begley. Amy is a middle and long distance runner competing in Beijing this year who has Celiac Disease. She's blogging about the Olympics on her website and for the Fort Wayne* Daily News. Here's a snip from an entry from a few days ago:

The cafeteria seats 5,000. I can't eat there due to my wheat and gluten allergy (Celiac Disease). The village did get a lot of complaints about not having wheat and gluten free foods so they just added some yesterday. However, they do not prep it gluten free, so I still can't eat it. I have to eat at the USOC camp they have set up for us 20 minutes from the Village. I am not complaining though, I prefer safe food over convenience!

She's competing in the 10,000 meter on August 15th. Go, Amy!

*Fort Wayne, Indiana - the proud home of Maj. Frank Burns.

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Anonymous said...

Well Bejing is up in the noodle (rather than rice) region of China, which would make local cuisine problematic