05 August 2008

As it's me, it'll probably be a laugh line. Or lines.

Karen: Why were you so quiet tonight?
Gabe: What? What do you mean?
Karen: When Beth was telling us. You were so silent.
Gabe: I wasn't silent. I was shocked. I was stunned.
Karen: You let me do most of the talking
Gabe: That's not unusual. (She swats at him.) Hey! No, I mean it, you do do most of the talking.
Karen: I do not.
Gabe: Yes you do. You generally have more to say on any given subject than I do. That's why we work well together. You talk, I write, you edit me.

From Dinner with Friends by Donald Margulies

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Maureen said...

OK, now we'll definitely have to come see this one! :D