21 January 2006

Here's your sign

I like to joke that the reason one sees all those "The Episcopal Church welcomes you" signs within a couple of blocks of any Episcopal Church is that we are required to have them as one of the terms of the consent decree. Full disclosure and all that, doncha know.

Well, we had some workmen in the office who were putting up those pretend walls (or dividers) for the new staff that we'll be hiring (and I'll be supporting). They put up the 6' dividers and sort of attached them to the wall and sort of braced them on the floor. All these "sort ofs" were because when the dividers were delivered they didn't have the necessary hardware and the workmen, not knowing this, brought only a few random pieces of hardware. So they did what they could and then Cathy posted a sign on each divider saying "Caution Unstable."

So naturally, I suggested that after the workmen come back and finish the job the signs should be moved to my area. And they were. Only I added a colon, so now my signs read "Caution: Unstable."

And everyone who has passed by and seen my new signs has agreed that Full Disclosure is the best way to go.

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