09 January 2006

It's quiet - maybe too quiet

The IT folks at our office have been fighting the good fight against the spammers, but usually I get about 10 new pieces of useless crap every hour. In their latest efforts to protect me (and, more likely, the folks higher up the food chain), we got a new firewall installed today. I haven't received an unwanted, useless, offensive, annoying e-mail since 1:05 this afternoon, which means that at a rough estimate 40 things I didn't want to see were blocked before they hit my inbox. Ahhhhhhhhh, it's like eight hours at the seaside.

On the other hand, it's possible that the new firewall simply doesn't want me to be bothered at all because I've only received three e-mails of any kind since 1:05 pm. I've sent a few out but none of them were urgent and all of them were going to folks who don't spend every daylight minute perched in front of their computers as I usually do. So it's probably just a coincidence. Sure - that's it.

But if you sent me an e-mail this afternoon and haven't heard back, well, I may not have gotten it.

Hello---ooo----oooo ?

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