08 January 2006

How to give a church full of adults the giggles

1. Be a small child. Pre-school is an absolute, but around 3 is best.

2. Lay down a nice base level of fidgeting, whinging, and general sounds of toddler distress.

3. At the moment when tbe choir is taking communion - and thus the entire church is very quiet - wail at the top of your lungs "I want to go Hooooome!"

4. Settle down for the rest of the service, pleased with a job well done.


Rosellen said...

I can just see my grandson doing that.

I've been missing your entries; are you in rehearsal with something?

Liza said...

You'll have to help Lil Smudge rehearse for that. ;-)

BTW, I've been telling your "as an 8 year old, you may be mature enough to see the emperor nude" story to our new theater friends in Atlanta, and there is universal agreement that you have the best children's theater story ever.

Also, there's a lovely discussion on the proper use of the serial comma going on this rather surprisingly misnamed blog, and it made me think of you. http://faggotsonthethirdfloor.blogspot.com/2006/01/flub-of-week.html

Anonymous said...

Is that worse or better then choking on the Holy Communion and having an usher pick you up by your feet and shaking you until it pops out onto the floor?