10 January 2006

Is *anything* better than this?

I went to Eddie Bauer with my pal Laura the other day (ostensibly we were shopping for a wedding gift for other people, but the Eddie Bauer was there) and I found a fabulous pair of aubergine (read: purple) trousers in a smaller size than the last pair that I bought there, that fit beautifully, and were discounted from their original price ($49.50) to $19.99, and had another 30% taken off at the register (off of the price, not the trousers), so my final price for this fab purchase was 13.99!!!! (Plus tax.)

And I got a wicked cute travel radio/alarm clock that was originally $16.50 that after all the reductions I got for $2.50.

This is especially satisfying as usually when I shop for me one of the three critical shopping factors is a problem.

There are (lovely) clothes (in my size), but they (cost the earth) or
There are (lovely) clothes (that I can afford), but they are all (size 2 or something) or
There are clothes (in my size) (that I can afford), but they are (uglier than home made sin).

Thank you, EB!! Thank you, January sales!!

This post written while wearing my new aubergine trousers and looking quite fetching in them.

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