07 October 2007


My friend Barry has co-edited a book of "bite-sized essays on language and languages" called The Five-Minute Linguist. (And, yea, it is alway and everywhere a good and joyful thing to have a friend represented on Amazon.com.)

I saw Barry this weekend in Maine and he presented me (via Bob) with my own copy of The Five-Minute Linguist with the following inscription:

For Leta -

Always the most voluble player


6 October 2007


Maureen said...

Interesting that the picture of the cover reads "The 5 Minute Linguist" while the accompanying text has "The Five-Minute Linguist". Good to see that the person who wrote the text knew that hyphen belonged there. (I'm such a nitpicker. I once had a colleague dub me The Hyphenator.)

Unknown said...

How nice to be mentioned in your blog. How much more nice to have had the opportunity to get to know you a bit this weekend in Maine.