26 July 2007

The bio I didn't write

Leta ([character]) is thrilled to be making her on stage debut in this production of [show] at [company] at [address and website, and possibly Google maps link]. She is totally blown away by the wonderful cast and crew. You go, guys! Leta thanks all the gods for her talent and thinks that the burnt offerings have something to do with it, but if your pet goes missing it wasn't her! (Hee hee hee). During the day she talks on the phone and answers personal e-mail (jk!). Big hugs to Sweetie and all the peeps!!


David Gorsline said...

I want my pink shirt back!

Casey Jones said...

Whoah, wait. What's this about a pink shirt?

You gave away my pink shirt??

*Goes and sulks by the column*

Megan said...

Oh David I see you making fun of me and Robin!!!!! Just for that I might not come see you in your One-Act!!!