03 July 2007

Local Shmocal

I've been reading a fair bit lately about eating locally lately, which seems to be a good idea. Eating locally, that is, not just reading about it, although they start to lose me when I consider how little tea is grown in Maryland.

And I'm completely off the page during Mt. Rainier cherry season. Forget the lips of painted Maypoles, these darling pink orbs are the real kissing cherries.

When my boss noticed how happy I was that I had some, he asked what the difference is between the Mt. Rainiers and regular cherries (outside of the price), I told him that the MRs are milder, sweeter, and prettier. Sort of like the difference between me and him. And I gave him a couple, both to prove my point and to ensure my continued employment.

I'm having dinner with the lovely Fencergal tonight and guess what I'm bringing to the party?

I wouldn't care if they had to be trucked in from Mars, I'd still be all over 'em.

1 comment:

David Gorsline said...

What? P.G. County isn't local enough for you?