18 July 2007

Desk Dancing

Most people who have met me are aware that I am one lousy dancer. Some times people can tell this within seconds of meeting me and, thus, I am very rarely asked to dance.* And I don't dance voluntarily very often, but I do sometimes desk dance, which is when a great song comes on the radio while I'm at work and I bop along with it. (Desk dancing is very similar to car dancing which is not the same as taxi dancing.) I am actually a pretty good desk dancer.

Anyway, Schelby of 94.7 (The Globe**), played my "e-quest" and we got to hear "A Little Respect" by Erasure. So I turned up my static-y little radio and desk danced. Lots of shoulder and head movement, very little hips or below. My desk dancing karma is good, so I don't usually get co-workers wandering by when I rock out and today was no exception. It was a private little moment for me, Schelby, Erasure, and anyone else who was desk dancing around the area.

But you know the best part? When Schelby announced the e-quest, she pronounced my name correctly. Twice.

*Except at Mike and Shannon's wedding that Steve and I attended several years ago. One of Steve's college friends, whose name is at the very minute escaping me (rats!) (Mike, maybe? Steve's world is as filled with Mikes as mine is with Davids), wandered over to me at one point and said "Two things about this wedding are bothering me. One is that not enough people are dancing and the other is that no one is dancing with you. We can solve of those if you'll dance with me." Lovely, lovely man.

** The completely non-sucky DC-area radio station, of which there are darn few. For a market as large as this one, our radio choices are amazingly poor. So I pretty much listen to either NPR on WAMU or to 94.7

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H said...

mm 94.7 is great, I'm not thrilled they switched to the Globe from the Arrow, which was much more classic rock, but it's still very listenable and now Schelby has more to choose from for power lunch.