01 July 2007

The words were so much alike

As a Christian, a history buff, and a G&S geek, I have three words in my vocabulary over which I always stumble, so I find that I get about halfway through one, back up, and then pronounce it syllable-by-syllable as though I had only learned it ten minutes previously. Another one of them crops up in Never the Sinner two or three times and I am so used to my own issues with them that I cannot be sure that Jacob didn't pronounce it all four ways.

They are:

From the church - Calvary - the hill where Christ was crucified;
From history - Cavalry - horse-mounted soldiers; and
From G&S - Calverly - the Colonel in Patience.

The judge in Never the Sinner - to whom much legal bickering is ostensibly addressed but who is not seen on stage - is a Caverly.


1 comment:

Maureen said...

"Oy" indeed - "oy veh", even! Are they trying to mess people up?

And you have something to answer for yourself, missy - I too had the calvary/cavalry pause, but until now had never added Calverly into the mix. I suppose I should consider myself lucky that I didn't read this until after doing "Patience" again back in November...