01 October 2007


Some folks from the office and I went out for Happy Hour on Thursday. I ordered a Scotch and Soda which, when it arrived turned out to be lightly colored soda water. Disappointing as a drink, of course, but seeing as I was going to rehearsal after Happy Hour, probably just as well. (In fact, it was weak enough that I could have another. And so I did.)

Nonetheless, I still described to the people sitting near me as "practicing Safe Scotch."


Maureen said...

My mom is a scotch & water drinker. I remember once we were at a wedding where the bartender was mixing drinks with a hand too heavy for her taste. When she went back for a refill, she asked him for "Scotch-flavored water" and got a drink more to her taste.

liza said...

The last time Jill and I had a date, I ordered "half a scotch" and soda. And I'm such a lightweight that I couldn't even finish that.