17 October 2007

A little Wednesday present for David

As soon as I saw the "blog" of "unnecessary" quotation marks, I knew I had to post a link to it. David calls them "scare quotes" and, sure enough, some of these are pretty scary.

But that's not all! There is a sidebar with links to "Other Snarks"* which includes Grammar/Syntax Errors in which the author sometimes gets so worked up about his topic, that he makes grammatical and syntactical errors.

Now what would you pay?!**

*Must use many "scare quotes" in this post.

**Rats. Not as good at "scare quotes" as I would like to be. I just couldn't work in any more. Must try harder next time.

1 comment:

Brett said...

I always imagine 'scare quotes' as being read by local news anchor in that 'knowing way' they have.