10 October 2007

Probably a symptom of an aneurysm or something

It hurts when I cry. A lot. My own tears appear to be an irritant in my eyes and sometimes over the past several months I have randomly had stinging, burning, tearing eyes and I have no clue why. And if, for some reason, I am actually crying,* then whatever is making me cry very soon takes a backseat to how much my eyes hurt. Which should make me cry more, but really doesn't. It just hurts like the bejeebers.

My very cute and charming eye doctor (sigh, sigh, all sigh) had suggested that it might be dry eyes and that I try artificial tears. I did. Wow, did that hurt.

So is it just me?

*Not that I cry very often, but you know.

1 comment:

Casey Jones said...

Could be worse-- It could hurt when you smile. <:)