23 October 2007

What to do, what to do

How do I fill the strangely empty evenings now that I don't have rehearsal until 10:30 (or, oy, later) in another state? (Or commonwealth. Maryland is a state. Virginia is a commonwealth, along with its fellow travellers Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. Maryland is very aware that we have commonweals on two borders.*) Um. Where was I? Oh! Right! Right.

I have dinner dates! Let's review this week for instance:

Sunday - John & Eleanor
Monday - Tommy!
Tuesday - Mattie
Wednesday - Julie (unless we have to reschedule)
Thursday - Dave

Friday, of course, I'll be at the theater. Same for Saturday. And, uhm, Sunday. But next week is also looking pretty good for dining with pals, so if you want to get onto my calendar, drop me a note!

Long years ago the delightful and talented John** and I realized that our annual salaries were a mere $30 apart and we agreed that if he took me out for a $30 dinner, universal harmony would be restored. Every now and then we'd do another paystub comparison and for a while there if we were to bring things par, I'd have had to haven taken him to dinner in Tokyo, so I'd always shift our date into the future. Ditto when he would have had to have taken me to Prague. We (John, Stacey, plus or minus Sam and Garrett) have, of course, had many lovely dinners together since then, all of them worth far more to me than $30.

And I'll start auditioning again shortly, so I guess this is a limited time offer. Act now! Volunteers are standing by!

*Note to self - Try to be more emphatic about this. Possibly with underlining or boldfacing. Or capitaliziation.

**Who is, oddly enough, John's brother-in-law. They are both named John because I met them during the John Regime before the David Junta took over.

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Anonymous said...

I hope you can work *The Last Five Years* into your dining plans. It's only one hour and 20 minutes long, plus it starts at 7:30, even on Sunday!

And please, pray to G-d that I am great - whether or not you can make it!

OY, dress rehearsal is tomorrow!