25 October 2007

Wouldn't It Be Pretty to Think So?

My Boss*: Are you okay?

Me: Sure. Why?**

My Boss: You're just being very quiet today.

Me: No, I'm fine. You're pretty focused on some important things today so I was trying not to be an annoying distraction.

My Boss: You could never be annoying.

He doesn't give me flowers on Adminstrative Professionals Day, but he does say things like that without being sarcastic.

*Winner, Best Boss Ever '05, '06, '07

**For some reason any time I am quiet, people always ask if I am alright. I don't think that my expression in repose is one of dispair, but perhaps yes.


Cate said...

Hi Leta. Just browsing and saw this blog. I think many of your friends (and colleagues) kinda count on you to be bubbly and cheerful. Therefore, when you are less so, they worry about you. It's nice to know people think lovely thoughts about you, however please don't feel compelled to be bubbly just to meet others expectations. Keep'em guessing. Cheers,:)

Casey Jones said...


I am also someone whom is asked if they are okay, when quiet for prolonged sessions.

Kind of a good thing for my new friends to catch on to up here.

You're not alone. :)