18 October 2007

I shall write to the Times!

The Derbyshire Times in this case, but it's nice to know that some of the things that Americans believe about the English actually happen. I can't help but picture "Theatregoer" writing this terse note from his club and dispatching by way of an impassive servant.

SIR — I refer to the review of Chesterfield Gilbert and Sullivan Society's production of Iolanthe (Derbyshire Times, October 4). I also attended the opening night and, in the main, would go along with most of the comments.

However, there seems to be one glaring omission, namely the part of Iolanthe played by Julie Currey.

I believe this was her first lead part which, in my opinion, she carried off superbly. No reference was made to this and I would think some encouragement and recognition would have been justified.



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Bill said...

Yes, I definitely the PG Wodehouse flavor of the situation. However, it also has possibilities in the Monty Python direction, where it would be properly signed:

Brigadier General THEATREGOER (deceased)