24 March 2008

Happy Easter, Part II

For me, it ain't Easter until we say

"Alleluia! The Lord is risen!"
"He is risen, indeed! Alleluia!"

I feel spunkier just typing that, actually.

David is not a practicing Christian* but he does come to church with me on a few special occasions, like Christmas Eve. He listens politely to the service, sings the hymns, and (appropriately) declines to go up to receive communion. He does not mock religions he doesn't accept, nor does he rolls his eyes in silent "oh boys." He is a very good guest.

So I think that I will have to dedicate some time to tracking down a copy of "Anything Can Happen" for him me, which I will lend to him.

Especially as I like to describe most days as "Anything Can Happen Day" after The Mickey Mouse Club's designation for "the day that is filled with surprises... Nobody knows what's going to happen..."

Ohhhh. Found it. Ordered it. Score.

Christos Voskrecé.
Voistinu Voskrecé.

*And, sadly, he rejects my suggested label of Godless Heathen.

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Maureen said...

Is that the Old Church Slavonic version? I've learned it in both Russian and Serbo-Croatian, and I agree - it's a wonderful greeting:

- Christ is risen!
- Truly is He risen!