04 March 2008


Today, March 4th*, has been declared National Grammar Day and I nearly missed it. I love grammar! I use it all the time!

So it was with great delight that I read about National Grammar Day and joined SPOOG (the Society for the Promotion of Good Grammar, of course). I have printed out my membership card and noted the fine print that warns me that my membership is "null and void if bearer uses myself instead of me," which right there shows you why it's my kind of organization.

Grumpy Martha makes an excellent pitch for good grammar but this may be her most motivating argument:

There are benefits to speaking and writing grammatically. Besides having proof that you're not Courtney Love, ...

This is even more compelling than calling good grammar sexy or implying that its absence will make your life unlivable.

*Why today, March fourth? Because it's a complete sentence! How cool is that?!


Brett said...

Wouldn't the sentence be March forth?

Leta said...

Sure would, fellow grammarian! But the date is March fourth, so I went with that.