02 March 2008

Or *what*?

I'm listening to Weekend Edition and Liane is interviewing Edward Lucas about his book "The New Cold War." At least, I think that was the subject of the interview because I was surfing around and not playing close attention. I know they talked about Gazprom, the Russian oil company, though, because shortly before he said "Gazprom," Mr. Lucas said the phrase that caught my attention..."three things, gas, cash, or...." and I don't even remember what the third was because my brain was too busy jumping up and down like an hyper eight-year-old insisting the rest of his sentence - in his lovely British elocution - was going be "or ass, nobody rides for free."

And, yes, I know that the best version of that bumper said "gas, grass, or ass" but even so.


Brett said...


Maureen said...

Um, no, not that one. Zhopa, perhaps, but more likely something considerably ruder. Russian's like that, after all. (Says the woman who once had a Russian teacher spend 1/2 hour teaching the class plenty of "mat'" vocab.)

And how did you get your computer to type in Cyrillic?

Brett said...

Cut and paste from Bablefish. Sadly that is the extent of my Russian translation ability. So much for my career making rude Russian t-shirts.