11 March 2008

Out of practice

Part of an e-mail exchange between me and Melinda, Agnes of God's producer. An important plot point in the show is Dr. Livingstone's chain smoking.

"Leta -- I have to purchase herbal cigarettes for you. We have to keep the smoke to a minimum, so we're going to get packs from a few brands to see which works best. A distributor for Ecstasy Cigarettes has offered to let us have their factory seconds at a reduced cost -- the cigarettes themselves are find, but the packaging was dented. That brand only has one flavor, but some others have a variety. One brand has Regular, Cherry, Vanilla, Clove, and Menthol. Since I'm going to get some test packages, do you have any flavor preferences?"

"Clove sounds best to me - it'll remind me of my college years."


Stan Harding said...

Oh, I'd LOVE to see you as the shrink in Agnes of God. When does the show go up?

Leta said...

May 16 - June 1! When the weather here is nice!

Maureen said...

If I get there at all, it'll have to be opening weekend, as Pirates opens the following weekend.

Do let us know which cigarette flavor(s) you settle on.

tommyspoon said...

I'd go for menthol. It'll smell like a ciggie. Whereas Clove just smells like you're cheating.