23 November 2004

Add to favorites? Part Deux!

Picking up where I left off ....

10. Mental Multivitamin. One of ones I found on someone else's blog roll. Do I remember which one? Nope. But these are books folks. If you think I'm kidding, check the entry for 21 November. http://mentalmultivitamin.blogspot.com/

11. Michael Bérubé. Just another commie pinko I find entertaining. I got him from Paul, a fruitful source of urls. Bérubé's blog is largely political and it seems - from the little reading of him that I have done - that conservative groups invite him to their functions (or he just climbs in the bathroom window) which makes for good reading. He just spent a few days hanging out with the Focus on the Family crowd. http://www.michaelberube.com/

12. My employer's intranet. Like I'm posting that url.

13. Nobody Knows Anything. In her own words: Fair. Balanced. Brilliant. And she has a daughter going through the same Pink and Purple Princess madness that my pal Samantha inhabits. And she's writing for National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) like Samantha's Mom, Stacey. http://www.nobody-knows-anything.com/

14. Opinions You Should Have. Even though I already have lots and lots of opinions, I'm enjoying Tom Burka's political humor and random musings. http://www.tomburka.com/

15. Pat Moran & Associates. Casting director. In case I ever need to break into television. http://www.patmoranandassociates.com/

16. Pedantic Nuthatch. David's blog. The one that described me as "an absolute darling." Unless he meant Leta Armstrong, the toddler in the Dooce blog.... No, he couldn't have. He meant me. An intelligent, insightful (note quote supra) mainly filter blog. And it even has film and theater reviews. And science news. http://mywebpages.comcast.net/nouveau/blog/

17. Rants from Cold Cold Canada. Paul knows Mary Ann. She knows Canada Dave. For all I know, Paul knows Canada Dave, too, but I found Canada Dave when following links from Paul to Mary Ann to etc. He lives in Canada. It's cold there a lot. He tells very funny stories about his mispent youth, my favorite of which is titled "Ding Dong" and can be found on November 9th. http://canadadave.blogspot.com/

18. Rulers of England. Because that sort of thing comes up all the time here at the radar engineering shop where I work. (Well, actually, it sort of does. I got quizzed on the wives of Henry VIII on, like, my third day here. I knew them all - and many cheerful facts about them - so I triumphed. Omniscience means having good reference materials and a good memory.) http://europeanhistory.about.com/library/readyref/blenglandrulers.htm

19. The Sun Keeps Rising. Easily the luckiest "next blog" click of my whole blogging experience. I found several fun blogs to read via Paul (note the number of times the name Paul has occurred in this list and you'll see what I mean) and I always enjoy reading his posts. I've been lots of places in my life, but I haven't been to Laramie, Wyoming yet. If I ever get the chance to go there, I'm looking Paul up and taking him (and M, his lady friend) out for coffee or a beer. (And, obviously, Paul, if you and M come East, stop in and visit and collect that beer.) http://www.thesunkeepsrising.blogspot.com/

20. Songs Index - Lunsford. A listing of 17th century (plus or minus) song lyrics. A page of the site devoted to Sir Thomas Lunsford's Regiment of Foote..."being a member of The King's Army -a part of The English Civil War Society." History is good! My source for the Agincourt Carol, it also has all the lyrics to "There was an old woman who lived under a hill" which are most decidedly not nursery rhyme lyrics. http://www.lunsfords.fsnet.co.uk/history/songs/

21. Tea for One. A diary blog I found via the Blogger dashboard. He's the author of Tea for One: Zen and the Art of Blogging (Cafe Press), which he thinks of as his greatest hits. http://www.nmarks520.blogspot.com/

22. turning your orbit around. David is a friend of Paul's (see comment about Paul, supra), who lives in Colorado, works as a librarian, and has an e.e. cummings approach to capitalization. He's much mored commited to being outdoors a lot than I am. He sings in a band, which may be fabulous or it may suck. Sometimes on the same night. He wrote a book review that the Colorado Association of Libraries is going to publish that in another moment of serendipity (David just read Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee) is about the removal of the Ute people by our fine, upstanding government during the American Expansion.

(Chad's blog is bookmarked at home.)

Well.... so there it is. Whew. Dialogue review for tonight's rehearsal again successfully avoided.

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Nick said...

I'm flattered that you added me to your 'favorites' list. Thanks for reading, and I hope I can continue to amuse.

Nick @ Tea For One