09 November 2004

Diving In

Michael - our director for Dinner - said at the auditions that we would be rehearsing 4 nights a week plus Saturdays. Now, obviously, in plays not all actors are called for all rehearsals. Usually. In small, ensemble shows like The Pavilion or Proof or "Art" (nope, not a typo, the quote marks are part of the title) if you are missing a cast member, you can pretty much write off the rehearsal. But in large cast shows, you can figure you won't be needed every night. Heck, Henry the Vee isn't in every scene in the play that bears his name.

But Dinner is one of those grand old Broadway confections with a large cast where each character pops in or out about every three minutes. So, french scene-wise, most of us will be at most rehearsals. Jeff and I have no nights off. We'll stand on stage and blather our way through the play, so the reward for us is obvious. But Mary Ann, Paul, Kevin (I know a Kevin again!), Beth, Ray, Angelena, Janet, Steve, Ed, and Paula will be right there with us. I am so glad that everyone seems like good folks because we'll be seeing a lot of each other. As well as Michael and Joan (our stage manager).

We'll rehearse from 7:30 - 10:30 on weeknights and from 10-4 on Saturdays. David's rehearsal schedule for Henry is Tuesdays - Thursdays plus Sundays. So I said good-bye to him the other morning and hope to see him again before February. Yeah, we're seeing a play on Thursday (wonder of wonders, neither of us has rehearsal), but other than that, there's not a lot of orange on my calendar. (My overbooked calendar has been color-coded for a while now.)

So I may not be posting much for a while because my life will consist of work and rehearsal. But I've got it easier than Mary Ann who for the next three months will be working, rehearsing Dinner, being a wife and mother, and producing Cinderella for Elden Street's "Theater for Young Audiences." So I may be crazy, but Mary Ann is barking mad.

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