11 November 2004

The Phone, the doorbell, and me

Okay, no shit, there we were..... (My dad says that all stories have one of three beginnings. The other two are "My best friend said - and he was there -" and "Once upon a time....."). Anyway, there we were at rehearsal, doing one of Jeff's and my scenes. Joan gave me the sound cue - ring - and I mentally jumped about half a page to the doorbell cue. Jeff has a line after the doorbell cue and when he didn't say anything I looked at Joan and asked "Was that the doorbell?" "No," she said, "that was the phone." (After which I have a line.) "The doorbell," she continued, "is a ding-dong." "Well," I had to admit, "so is your actress."

At least they're finding out early.

And if you ever wondered why I love David so much, check out his blog entry for this evening around 10:00. You just can't help loving a man this amusing. Or I can't anyway.

Off to bed.