04 November 2004

It's looks great, Hon, it really does

David has been cast in Henry V with ESP. He's playing somewhere between 4 and 32 characters, depending - as far as I can tell - on directorial whim, as there are still a few unassigned roles. (David may have acquired one through the sneaky tactic of being able to speak French at the read-through. Never underestimate quiet, geeky, pedantic guys.)

However, this casting has presented me with a challenge. David's director - also named David and hereinafter referred to "Director Dave"* - is, in David's words, "muttering about facial hair." The only picture I've seen of David that includes facial hair makes him look like a member of some lefty 60s SDS-type organization and while I've always admired their idealism, I've never been a big fan of their fashion sense.

But when I do a show the director is the only person I know with a vote about my hair. David doesn't get one, neither does my Mom. Directors are allowed to veto haircuts and at a director's request, I'll grow, cut, color, perm, or what-have-you my hair and I assume that the same goes for David. So if I am asked before Director Dave issues a hair edict, I'm voting no. If I'm asked after the issuance, I have no opinion, hence the challenge for a woman with many opinions. (Yes, I remember that David reads this, but he's free to ignore the entire issue.) Fearing the worst, I'm going to spend some time repeating the title of this post until it sounds sincere.

* Not to be confused with CanadaDave -- http://canadadave.blogspot.com/

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