19 November 2004

The Agincourt Carol

"Deo Gratias, Deo gratias Anglica
Redde pro Victoria!

Our King went forth to Normandy
With grace and might of chivalry
There God for him wrought marv'losly
Where for England may call and cry.

Deo Gratias, etc.

He set a siege, sooth for to say
To Harfleur town, with royal array
The town he won, and made a fray
That France shall rue until Doomsday.

Then Went our King, with all his host
Through France, spite all the French did boast
He spared neither least, nor most
'til he came to Agincourt Coast.

Then forsooth that comely Knight
In Agincourt field did manly fight
Through grace of God most mighty
He won both field and victory.

There dukes and earls, lord and baron
Were taken, slain, and that well soon
And some were led into London
With joy and mirth and great renown

Now gracious God he save our King
His people and all his good willing
Give him good live and good ending
That we with mirth may safely sing."

And for those of you who prefer to sing carols, rather than just read them: http://sniff.numachi.com/~rickheit/dtrad/pages/tiAGINCRT2;ttAGINCRT1.html

According to my sources (thank you, Jeff!), it can be found in the 1982 Episcopal hymnal, tune 449, "Deo Gratias." I'm not positive, but I believe that I have said 1982 hymnal at home, so I plan to learn the tune. That way, when I go to see Henry V, and I'm sitting in the house perusing my program, I can happily whistle or hum it to myself. Why? No reason, just for fun. I realize that doing this is akin to wearing Star Trek insignia, geek-wise, but I like it. The Agincourt Carol is kind of a Cliff's Notes version of HV (you know, the main idea, but with all the best parts given short shrift or skipped completely). Please feel free to learn it and sing along.

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