11 November 2006

No rehearsals

I auditioned for a show and the director, well, let's say that he went another way. Even though, as my friend Linda and I like to say, there is no other way. There is our way and wrong ways.

The nice thing about not being cast is that now I have a lots of free nights that would have been filled with rehearsal. Yes, there will be a certain amount of sitting on the couch watching the sort of bad TV that I find stress-relieving (for instance, y'all are aware that CSI: Miami is probably one of the best comedies on the air, right? Well, more on that another time.). And while I'm sitting on the couch, I can read books. Real books, instead of a script. And I can spend unlimited hours providing a lap for Pekoe, which he believes should be my priority.

But the best part of all this free time is that I can spend a whole lot of it with my friends who don't do theater. The people who've had "Oh, I can't - I have rehearsal" as my answer to invitations. I can go to movies and out to dinner and to all sorts of other things.

When professionals aren't currently working on something, they say that they are between projects. When amateurs like me are at liberty, we say that we are taking a break. So I'm taking a break and I'm looking forward to filling my schedule with dates with my friends.


Maureen said...

Hmm; should I offer condolences or congratulations? ;)

Anonymous said...

I've been there, and I know the short term "how could they not love me?" feeling. However, I am happy to profit from the Director's obvious error, and encourage schedule coordination for face/time purposes.

Are you singing the Messiah this year?


Anonymous said...

My last failed audition, I was up against Director's Favorite. I discovered this in advance and came this close to dropping out of callbacks. Hubby said to give the director the benefit of the doubt, and not to chicken out. So with misgivings, I went to callbacks & read with more energy & spunk than DF. She wasn't bad, but was a bit listless, figured she didn't have to work hard to earn the role. No surprise - she got the role.
Callbacks was a waste of an evening for me & I wish the director had just cast his Fave right after 1st auditions instead, saving me the trouble.
I told him from the start I rarely audition anymore (DF does), I came out really for the chance of working with him, so when he said at the end "Hope we can work together someday," I felt like saying "HELLO, you HAD that chance, I dunno when I'll be auditioning again."

tommyspoon said...


Despite the outcome, auditioning is NEVER a waste of time. You never know who is going to be in the audience at these things. The director of the show that you will adore above all others might have been in the audience that night. And that director may have jotted your name down on a piece of paper for future reference. So when you walk into that future audition, you may have another opportunity given to you. Because of the audition you thought was a waste of time.

So you didn't get to work with this particular director. Big deal. If the director is so wedded to this particular actor then they should get married and get it over with.

Dharma said...

Ohh. I like describing CSI Miami as a comedy. Good one. Thanks, I be stealing that.

Jess said...

Proof that genetics aren't everything: Dale's identical twin loves CSI. Or SVU. I don't know--one of those "we've slammed together five headlines to make this 'plot'" things. Dale twitches when made to watch it. (I'm not a fan, but his brother insisted he should see it.)

Anyway, I'm sorry about the audition but glad you'll have some free time. I love free time. I used to audition just so I would get to celebrate having free time. (OK, no, it was my 'semesterly dose of rejection.' Kept me grounded.)

I'm out of run crew for I Hate Hamlet--the one weekend I had free is now taken up with removal of tooth-things. But I'm going to go see it. You want to go see it with Dale and me? (He's excited. Something about the meta-ness of a play with a ghost that has a play with a ghost that has a play in it.) If you want to hammer things, I can let you know what days we're doing that, too.