07 November 2006

Not a selling point for David

I keep hearing ads on the radio (this station desperately needs more sponsors) about the "Journey Diamond Necklace." The ad campaign has some sappy sounding people saying lame-o stuff about how the increasing size of the diamonds symbolizes their relationship - their journey.
Which means two things:

1. David won't be buying me one of these things. If it had been the "Boston Diamond Necklace," maybe. Although a "Rush Diamond Necklace" could have lots of symbolism.... "It symbolizes how we're rushing into this and are headed for an ugly breakup." Then again, David doesn't like Rush any better than he does Journey. I could go for a "Shriekback Diamond Necklace," although I'm not clear on what the symbolism would be. Naturally, the "Talking Heads Diamond Necklace" would be the perfect choice for us. Not that David is likely to buy me an any kind of diamond necklace, but at least now we know which one to look for.

2. Just as well because the ads run so often that now about every 40 minutes during the day, I cough up a hairball. A necklace shouldn't make me do that.

And, uhm, the necklaces themselves aren't all that impressive. At least one of them looks remarkably like a tie. And at 1/4 carat total weight - a very, very small tie. I guess that one symbolizes how we used to love to play office when we were little children.


Jim A said...

Of course the Rush necklace would say to me, "If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice," freewill being one of my favorite songs from high school.

LjLucy said...

"stick pendant" (description on the site)

Sounds so, pedestrian. If I wanted a stick I'd just go to the park and steal it from a dog.

David Gorsline said...

Are you still on Dayquil?

Kevin said...

Official Journey necklace


Kevin Kirby said...

The official RUSH necklace is 1/5 the price of the official Journey necklace and is much cooler because it is a blinkie light.


Jess said...

Aww, man. That's what that necklace is?

What a waste of an ad campaign.

Liza said...

Ack! Fugly! Like a super-tacky mini-tie.

I'd like to see the REO Speedwagon diamond necklace. Or to move slightly forward in time, the Prince diamond necklace.

Kevin said...

The Official REO Speed Wagon necklace is actually a “choker”. Perhaps it signifies after years together one might be ready to “choke her”.