26 November 2006

Pennyworth ideas for a simpler, eco-friendly holiday

From a flier at my church put together by the ladies who run the thrift store:

"Pennyworth ideas for a simpler, eco-friendly holiday:

Are you looking for ways to help your children understand the true meaning of Christmas? Trying to avoid the malls, yet give meaningful gifts?

The Pennyworth Shop is full of items that can be "recycled" into wonderful homemade gifts:
  • Put a favorite photo in one of our frames (even better, decorate a frame with shells from that summer beach trip, buttons, or beads)
  • give homemade goodies on one of our decorative plates
  • turn buttons into decorative napkin rings or push pins
  • fill one of our suitcases with dresses, hats, shoes, gloves, and jewelry for the ultimate "dress up" case
  • choose a selection of our cards and give them stamped and ready to write!
  • Great books are 50 cents each!
Instead of paper wrap, use vintage linens or a lovely scarf.

The Shop is also a great source for little-worn dressy clothing for the holidays.

Avoid the malls. Pennyworth can be part of your plan for a more peaceful, environmentally conscious holiday. Visit us at 955 Bonifant Street in downtown Silver Spring. Open Tuesday - Saturday from 10 a to 4 p, and some Sundays until Christmas from 1 to 4 p. 301-587-6242."

If nothing else the phrase "Avoid the malls" would encourage me to do all my Christmas shopping there. Stacey and I have a date one day soon to stop by and do at least a quick "recon."

Of course, as I give all my donatable items to the Pennyworth, my concern is that I'll end up buying stuff back that I donated to them.

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Brett said...

On the Christmas Story scale of gifts ranging from Pink Bunny Suit to Red Rider BB Gun I suspect this shop leans towards the Pink Bunny Suit....