16 November 2006

You pay it, they'll play it

Local classic rock station WARW (94.7) is having the kind of requests for charity gig that I enjoy. You know, you give them $25 and they'll play any song you name (that they can get hold of and the proceeds go to the Capital Area Food Bank. Which means that this afternoon I may have to request "The Rainbow Connection" or "I Think I Love You" or something similar. Or maybe some nice Journey song which I can dedicate to David.....

My favorite request so far has been by a guy who said that he would pay $250 if they play something by Barbra Streisand unless someone will pay more for them not to. How cool is that? To the phones, people! No Barbra!!*

*Anyone who has not heard my "why I dislike Barbra Streisand's singing" tape can start it just by saying her name near me. David calls it a "B-17" because you push the button and the song comes out of the jukebox.

1 comment:

MamaKaren said...

A few years ago, that same money deal ("here's my donation to play the song, how much will people bid to NOT hear the song?") was floated for Alice's Restaurant. Since the request-a-thon used to be on Thanksgiving Day, AR was a common song to hear.

I hate Barbra (learn to spell your own name, woman!) with the fire of a thousand suns. She just makes my ears want to bleed.