09 November 2006

Snow Caps

Long years ago, back when I was in college, my pal Graymael (whose given name is David, just as it is for so many, many, many men I know) was an occasional joker. One day, he was sitting with one of his very best friends and decided that there was no better way to spend the next few minutes than messing with said friend. So Gray looked sad, which for someone who is even more upbeat, extroverted, and social than I am is really saying something.

The friend, I'm not sure which one right now, so let's just call him by one the other Names of All Men, John, inquired as to what was the matter. After being prodded a bit, Gray said that he was worried about things at home.


"Well, my Mom was in my sister's room the other day, putting laundry away, and she found ---"

"Non-pareils. You know," and here the voice dropped in pitch, " 'Snow Caps.' "

I think that Gray was able to keep "John" convinced that his sister had a drug problem for the next day or two. Probably until the next time he went to a movie, I guess. Or a drugstore.

I love this story and tell it anytime there are non-pareils around. Jill brought some really, really good ones into the office today, so I got to tell her the story as I was enjoying several.

Of course, considering how good these ones are, perhaps I do have a substance abuse problem with them.

1 comment:

Casey Jones said...

It takes a strong woman to admit she might have a problem.

Next you have to make an apology to anyone you may have offended while under the influence... of snow caps.

Chocoholism is a problem gripping the nation. Just not in movie theaters... they no longer carry the blessed non-pareils.