14 December 2004

Dining on the Company Dime

Yesterday's meeting got carried over to today, so more pickles and olives for me! With a roast beef and pastrami sammich, naturally. And our office supply guy dropped off two tins of homemade M&M and chocolate chip cookies (Really homemade. By his wife homemade. With ingredients.). And there was leftover yoghurt from yesterday's meeting for breakfast. Not to mention the Nantucket Nectars cranberry juice. I love it here. And no wonder I don't wear a size small.

And as luck would have it, our good looking and very nice UPS guy stopped into today. He'd noticed the absence of Christmas cookies the last time he brought us large, heavy packages and well, we want to get our packages. And he really is nice. So he got some cookies and we can rejoice in the knowledge that we will continue to receive our Amazon.com and QVC boxes. (I am amazed at how many of the staff here are QVC shoppers. We get a box from them, I'd say, 3 days out of 5.)

Too bad the meeting is over - no late afternoon cookie tray. Oh well.

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