13 December 2004

Why I read theater reviews

Sometimes the theater reviews are the best reading of my day. This review of A Christmas Carol is from the Gainesville Times, written by Valerie Walker and posted by Jay to a local theater list.

Three times during his Marley appearance, [Jay] screams like a banshee, throwing back his head and raising his arms. It is the kind of specter that is unavoidably haunting but, at the same time, oddly humorous. Here is a formidable-sized man wearing chains and a blond wig (meant to look like a dead man's hair), shrieking. There's something a little Metallica about the moment.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Ha ha ha...I know what you mean...and since I was part of the show and saw it...now that I read this the same thoughts come to mind. Much more fun than funny, and somewhat scary to the kids, until the talcum powder flies into the air and the humorous image resurfaces.

btw...Jay did an amazing job in the role...and all of us look forward everytime he sets foot upon the stage for a delightful time.