04 December 2004

I want a Mar Bar!!

I just love James McLure's "Lone Star" and here's an excerpt to show why:

Roy: ...And when you're too stupid to get into the army, you're too dumb to breathe. Now that's what I call dumb.
Ray: Not so dumb I didn't go to Nam and get myself shot.
Roy: What did you just call it?
Ray: Nam. That's what you call it.
Roy: Don't try to be cool. You can't say Nam. You weren't there. It's Vit Nam to you.
Ray: Vit Nam then. I didn't get my ass shot off in Vit Nam. That's for damn sure.
Roy: All I know is: I served *my* time.
Ray: You been out to the house lately?
Roy: What for? Mom's gone senile and the old man's a damn fool anyway.
Ray: Why you say our father's a fool?
Roy: Named us Roy and Ray didn't he. (Ray begins to rummage in the paper sacks.) What are you lookin' for?
Ray: They Mars Bar.
Roy: When are you gonna learn to talk?
Ray: I talk fine.
Roy: You talk for shit. It ain't "they Mars Bar." It's "this Mars Bar" or "that Mars Bar" or "His Mars Bars" or "her Mars Bars."
Ray: What if she only has one.
Roy: Then it's Mar Bar. She has one Mar Bar. He has one Mar Bar. They have one Mar Bar.
Ray: You got a Baby Ruth?


Anonymous said...


How would you pronounce Nam of Vit Nam?

Nam (rhyming with "jam")


Nam (rhyming with "Mom")

Leta said...

Oh rhyming with "jam." Absolutely.