01 December 2004

Fair winds and following seas, Ken Jennings

That - minus the Ken Jennings part - is what we say around my office when someone leaves. It's what comes of having so many ex-Navy types hanging around the coffee mess.

I've been following Ken's Jeopardy streak as I could, so of his 74 appearances, I think I saw about 12. I'm sorry that I missed last night's because I bet the look on Alex Trebek's face was pretty memorable. And it was fun watching Ken and Alex increasingly struggle for more and ever more fun facts about Ken for the "tell us a little something about yourself" bit. Even my supply of anecdotes would run a bit dry if I had to come up with 74 in a row. And as the contestants marched out, I would think how tough it must be to get that far - actually being on Jeopardy - only to find out that you were going to be mowed down by the Jennings combine. Battling for second, indeed.

Anyway, here's a nice article from The Long Beach Press-Telegram

Ah, Ken, we hardly knew ye....

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