03 December 2004

Hello, "Hello"

So I've finally acquired Picasa and Hello and like most techno-shy people I was driven to it by the pressing need to share pictures. (I understand that porn drives a lot of technology gains, but I'll bet Mommy blogging and that sort of thing is at least a secondary or tertiary driver.) Anyway....

At the cost of only a couple of hours of my time, I am now able to document the history of David's Henry V beard. Unfortunately for him, this is not the most flattering picture ever taken of David, but it beats the heck out of the one I caption "Stoner David." So let's all just be grateful for small mercies.

When he sent me this picture Dad also sent some other pictures from Thanksgiving (Thanks, Dad!!), but they won't post. I just get a grey block. Fortunately, I date the technically enabled, so perhaps David can help me post the pictures of Dad &Audrey, Bruce (my brother-in-law), and my simply gorgeous nieces and nephew. (No, really. Objectively, they are gorgeous.)

The beard - as you can all now see - is coming in nicely and we are edging out of what I call the Simpson's beard phase: Itchy and Scratchy.

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