15 February 2005

"Didn't suck" -- the Washington Post

Ali's lovely production of The Mikado got a glowing review in today's Washington Post. Nice to see my opinion backed by competent authority, as someone once said.

I'd be looking forward to seeing this production ever since Ali outlined her concept to me. She did what I always love to see a director do: she asked why things happen and then she created a show from the answers to those whys. No one ever did anything in that stage because "it's always done this way." There was energy and brilliance in everything. It was clearly a team effort. Everyone was on board. And Julie got lots of stage time and got kissed and everything.

This time I was the one jumping up and down in the lobby and shrieking like a girl.

If I am lucky and very, very good, one day I'll be in a play that Ali directs.

Way to go, guys!!

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Anonymous said...

Goodness you've been prolific of late ... or is it that I just haven't visited your blog enough lately. Perhaps its just that you miss all of your Dinner friends. Well, Dahling, guess we'll all just have to make do.