08 February 2005

Is it warm in here or is it me?

The amazing Gwyn sent me an e-mail with a link to Vosges Chocolate. After I read the description of the item that caught her eye, I moused around the site a bit and found this description of their La Parisienne Cocoa. Oh my. (Note to self: Vosges retails through Zingermans.... Another reason to visit A2.)

Dark Chocolate + Tahitian vanilla bean. A traditional dark chocolate cocoa. Silky swirls of cream gliding, intoxicating and arousing. A winter warming, rich and flowing with Cacao and vanilla. Melting drips of chocolate intertwined with Glorious Vanilla. C’est la Vie! The perfect Hot Chocolate / Chocolat Chaud.

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Anonymous said...

You always have a place to stay, convenient to the chocolate (and another wonderful shop) when in A-square.